Climbers and vines in our yard


With all the vertical surfaces and elevated horizontal space we created with the pergola, it was only natural to add some vines. In the picture above you can see all the varieties we have. From front to back there are Honeysuckles (Lonicera peri. serotina and L. japonica halliana - the latter has been removed since this picture was taken), Wysteria and 3 different varieties of Clematis. The Wysteria has flowered for us in 2003 for the first time: ONE FLOWER, the other climbers however provide cascades of flowers at various times throughout the year, starting in May with the Clematis. The big surprise for us in 2002 was the Loni. peri. serotina (Late Dutch Honeysuckle), it has been in flower since early June and shows no signs of letting up by mid-August.

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