Our Guestbook Policies

Because of increasing concerns over privacy and the protection of personal information, we thought we should gateway you through this page to make you aware of how we handle guestbook entries.

Because so-called spammers use programs that gather email addresses from things such as guestbooks, discussion forums and Usenet postings to populate their lists, we therefor leave the poster's email address out of the public guestbooks.

More and more of late we seem to be getting automated entries into our guestbook for on-line gambling, all manner of sexual aids, porn and people who feel compelled to foist their religious obsessions upon unsuspecting visitors. It has become rather tedious to separately check the guestbook submission page, only to end up having to delete all entries, sometimes several times a day. If left unchecked our guestbooks would have been flooded with entries to sites and activities that have absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone of our sites, so after much deliberation we have taken the step of switching to a directed e-mail account that will make monitoring the whole matter much easier.

We ask when submitting an e-mail as a guestbook entry that you give us the following information:

So, that's how we deal with our guestbook; if you care to leave a posting, please continue to our contact page.