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Date:Sat, 5 December 2009 11:06:00
From: Tim Duffy
Where do you live:Orange, CA
Your website:
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Referred by:E-mail
Comments:Have been thinking of taking pics of my garden year round to remind me of the “seasons” here in CA. Really enjoyed seeing yours.

Date:Sat, 10 Mar 2007 14:30:47
From: Linda, the Crafty Gardener
Where do you live:Quinte West, ON
Your website:http://craftygardener.blogspot.com/
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Referred by:E-mail
Comments:Hello - I found your link at Garden Web in my message about Canadian garden blogs. I am glad to add your link to my blog. I think exposure to Canadians site is great. You have a very nice web site. Keep up the good work. Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Date: 10:27, 25th September, 2005
From: Mary
Where do you live: New York City
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Referred by:E-mail
Comments: Greetings from Midtown Manhattan - 90+ potted Hostas and growing!

Date: 20:51, 9th September, 2005
From: Charly
Where do you live: China
Comments: Searched and Surfed your page, great work!

Date: 19:56, 9th September, 2005
From: Robert Fortier
Where do you live: Rockland Ontario
Favourite page on our site:
Referred by:Search Engine
Comments: Looking for info on \" Planting And Care of Lilies\" - found info on your website. Thanks.

Date: 21:13, 16th May, 2005
From: Wayne
Where do you live: Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Referred by:Just Surfed in
Comments: Thanks very much for the information. We have a patch of orange lilies that my Dad planted about 50 years ago. As time changes so must the area that the lilies now live in. I have had great concerns about moving them but the information that I received has allayed those fears. Thanks again for your info and guidance on these beautiful flowers.

Date: 22:26, 7th March, 2005
From: Wendy
Where do you live: Orange CT
Your website:
Favourite page on our site:Lilies
Referred by:Search Engine
Comments: This is a beautiful site and it is also helpful. I bought a package of OT Hybrid lilies. I am looking forward to their colors and sweet smell. Thanks!

Date: 23:15, 14th November, 2004
From: Kacie
Where do you live: Houston- for now
Favourite page on our website: none
How did you get here: Search Engine
Comments: I have gotten lost in time enjoying all the pictures and comments on your lilies! Thank You for sharing!

Date: 09:48, 5th October 2004
From: Melissa
Where do you live: Connecticut
Favourite page on our website: Lilies
How did you get here: Search Engine
Comments: I loved your lilies. I have become a lily enthusiast, and coming upon your site has been greatly helpful in deciding what colors would flatter eachother. Great information also. Great pictures, keep 'um coming! Thanks!

Date: 09:29, 9th July, 2004
From: Kathy
Where do you live: Michigan
Favourite page on our website: honeysuckle and lillies
How did you get here: Search Engine
Comments: I purchased and planted a honeysuckle labelled as Golden Flame, but I don\'t believe it is. It bloomed whitish inside and purplish outside. May be the serotina, but I am not sure. Does it fade to the yellow shown in your photoraphs? Is there a way to identify it for sure? If it's an invasive variety I will want to return it to the nursery.

Date: 14:44, 6th May 2004
Referred by:Search Engine
From: Sue
Comments: I was researching growing lilies when I came upon your site. Very beautiful. I'm moving into my first house soon and I'm very excited to get planting. I love lilies of all varities and will be looking to your site for advice since I am a first time gardner. Thanks for sharing your beautiful lilies.

Date: 03:56, 31st March 2004
From: Jacqueline Klapwijk
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Comments: Hallo, Leuke site, ik kwam hier terecht door te zoeken op "Klapwijk" in Google.

Your website:
Your favourite page on our site:
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Comments: Ik zocht een oude foto van een huis op de Klapwijkseweg in Berkel (daar heeft ook een family Klapwijk gewoont) en kom via Google op jou mooie website terecht!
Date: 05:55, 15th March
From: Liesbeth van Oostenbrugge

Name :   Ross Cotton
Comment :   Very interesting. I really like the family crest.

Name :   Andy
Comment :   Hoi, waarom is deze site niet in het Nederlands?? Ik lees namelijk erg slecht Engels. Ik kon er wat info uithalen maar niet alles is even duidelijk?? Ik ken een Klapwijk hier in Rotterdam maar hij beweerd echt dat jouw crest absoluut verzonnen is.
More comments :   

Webmaster's comments:  Andy, als jij je email adres had ingevult dan had ik je direct terug kunnen schrijven natuurlijk:) Maar ja, het staat nog niet in het Nederlands om dat ik daar nog mee aan het werk ben. En je Klapwijkse vriend kan geen leed van de Genealogise Vereniging Klapwijk zijn want dan zou hij of zij het wapen geherkent hadden.

For the benefit of those visitors that cannot read Dutch, here's a quick and rough translation to get the gist of the exchange: Andy complained about the site not being in Dutch because his English was so bad, he could gather most of the details but some got lost in the translation for him. He also says he has a Klapwijk friend who claims that the crest you see on the index page of this site is the result of someone's overactive imagination. And that tells me that indeed things got lost in the translation for him. If you read the copy at the top of the index page, it says that the crest was commisioned by the Klapwijk Genealogical Society, it was never claimed to be a historic crest. The design is based on historic information, but there is no indication found sofar that indeed the family name was associated with any particular historical heraldic crest. I responded by telling him it was too bad he didn't leave his email address so I could contact him directly and that his Klapwijk friend could not be a member of the Klapwijk Genealogical Society because he or she would have immediately recognized the crest for what it is.

Name :   Levi
Comment :   Lester B. Pearson, the Prime Minister of Canada, who was himself an accomplished Lacrosse player, when discussing the confirmation of a National Game in the House of Commons, suggested that Canada should have a National Summer Game (Lacrosse), and a Natio

Name :   Aad Van Roosmalen
Comment :   leuk om zo'n rare nederlander uit het verre america te vinden op een modelbouwsite met ns materiaal. en nu moet je ook weer hollands gaan denken. Succes, leuke site.

Name :   Peter Vander Sar
Comment :   Your site name caught my eye surfing on Trainnet. Ik ben ook een Pieter, sinds 1955 wonend in Canada,(dus spreek en schrijf heel weinig Nederlands) en interesseert in model spoorwegen. (American Flyer, S gauge, sinds 1955)
More comments :   Toevallig was ik in Nederland voor de 150 jaar NS tentoonstelling en heb daar nogal wat souvenirs van. Kleine wereld, wij woonden 1982-86 ook in Richmond, op Fortune Drive, aan paar minute langer dan U van de docks
Peter Vander Sar, Mara, BC

Name :   Irene Hiller
Comment :   My mother was Corra Klapwyk (Klapwijk) Daughter of Aire & Lydia (Van Reeuwyk) Klapwyk of Missoula, Montana USA
More comments :   I would love to see more pictures and learn more about the family.

Name :   s turtle
Comment :   i found this very instresting..

Name :   Derek
Comment :   Canadas REAL national sport is Lacross