Black Beauty Caramel Key Lime Pie Mocha Mint
Sashay Snow Angel Velvet Night Winter Red


The year 2006 we reintroduced Heucheras into our garden. We had some years ago in the sideyard up front but they fell out of favour for some long forgotten reason. Late winter 2005/2006 we were given an abandoned planter which had some nice grass in it as well as an unknown Heuchera cultivar, which we now suspect may well be 'Caramel'. Our interest was piqued again and by early August 2006 we had 8 different varieties of Heucheras hanging about, most acquired with some minor lottery winnings that were burning a hole in my pocket.

Temporarily on the potting bench we see from left to right: 'Sashay', 'Mocha Mint' and 'Snow Angel'. They're all hanging about to get divided, where it makes sense of course.

No doubt we bought the Heucheras for their foliage, both in terms of colour and pattern, as well as shape. Plus, they hang on to their foliage over winter in our temperate climate and provide some much needed colour and form over the dreary, damp winter months. Some fascinating new cultivars have come to market over the past few years and when you see them it's easy to understand why they have been such good sellers. Heucheras are catching the eyes of many gardeners these days and their increased popularity will lead to introductions of more and more varieties.